Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture 2020 – Buyers Guide & Comparison Chart

Painting is sublime, and enhances the appearance of furniture/objects that are spruced up. It is not just the form factor of the furniture, but the quality of paint and painting that makes it a visual masterpiece. It is therefore necessary to choose superior quality paint and the right sprayer painter for painting projects. You obviously know this, but the problem is in identifying what’s good and what’s not so good. With multiple models that boast of features that sound the same, you may be unable to tell the difference. Consequently, most buyers end up making wrong purchase decisions online.

We have simplified the whole act of identifying the best paint sprayers. A systematic approach to choosing a suitable model will help you to narrow down your search to the best unit. Do you need one that is compact? Or are you looking for a model for heavy duty painting requirements? What kind of paint do you intend to use? Do you need one that gives you complete control or do you need one that is ultra-convenient? These are some of the questions that you need to be asking yourself before you set about identifying a model.

Before we look at the complete buying guide, it is time to understand the different types of best paint sprayers. Heavy duty paint sprayers rely on air compressors for high pressure to atomize paint. These are the professional variety and are intended for use in painting large requirements. Airless sprayers are painting units that are powered by gas/electricity. These sprayers rely on mechanical force to pump paint into the spraying unit. The paint is then forced out through the sprayer tip for the desired finish. These are the two broad categories of paint sprayers. Let us now look at the buying guide to understand how to pick the best paint sprayers for furniture.

Buying tips for paint sprayer for furniture : The non-negotiable features

Now that you have compared the features and abilities of the top ten models in the market, let’s look at buying tips. There are certain non-negotiable features that you need to look for in the best paint sprayer for furniture. Here are some of the features that will help you narrow down your choice to the best paint sprayer. The choice of a paint sprayer is more about the suitability for your needs. It should not be chosen because it boasts of features that may not be of use to you. So, here’s our little cheat sheet of features that you need to look out for in a spray paint gun for furniture.

Look at the tip and pattern

Paint sprayers clearly list out the size of the tips and the patterns. Take a close look at the tip size. Remember there are two different representative sizes displayed by manufacturers. The listed tip size of some models may only refer to the size of the orifice. Whereas, in some models, the listed tip size could refer to the orifice and the size of the fan. Since the ratings appear similar, there is every possibility that you may end up reading the ratings interchangeably.

You need to pick a tip size depending on your painting requirement. For instance, if it is stains, then you need lower pressure and small tips. In the case of heavier coatings and paints, you will require increased pressure and bigger tips. When you pick a tip size, look for manufacturer recommendations on the ideal tip size. You need to pick a paint sprayer that offers you a choice of the maximum patterns. The three different patterns that are possible include horizontal, vertical and round. It is essential to ensure that you choose one of the best paint sprayer for furniture that gives this choice. This will enable you to spray with greater consistency over surfaces without having to move the sprayer a lot. When you move the sprayer, there is a possibility that you may spray more at one location and less at an adjoining location. Consequently, you will find a better and consistent finish. Choose tips that offer you a choice of different spray pattern widths. Ideally, the widths are anywhere between 6 to 14 inches. Depending on the surface which you intend to paint, you need to choose a suitable spray pattern width.

Ensure that you pick spray painters with reversible tips. This is important to meet two different requirements. For instance, a reversible tip will make it easier to unclog blocked tips. Simply turn the tip inside out and the use the sprayer to unblock the tip. This is also useful and convenient from a maintenance angle. You can easily clean the tip and ensure its longevity by reversing it after use.

Check out the hose length

The painting sprayers that you pick need to have sufficient hose length to help you complete complex painting jobs. For instance, there may be furniture that is hard to move, or you may want to paint an artifact that is not easily accessible. As a consequence, you may need sprayers for paint with sufficient hose lengths. If your painting requirement is substantial, you can also look at wheeled models. This will make it easier for you to cart the painting equipment around. There are models that can be worn on the back, but this may be a problem if you are not comfortable carrying weights for a lengthy period of time.

It would be a great idea to pick a sprayer paint model that draws paint directly from the drum/can. This will make it easier to paint spray larger surfaces, without any visible change in color. For instance, if you need spray for painting larger pieces of furniture or objects, you may end up with slight shade differences. This may occur if you have a small container and you may multiple trips to refill it. This way, you will only be in a position to paint smaller areas or patches. Consequently, the portion that you may have painted first will differ in shade from the portion that you have painted last. Avoid this by picking a unit with a large container.

Maintenance, cleaning of spray painters can be complex and sometimes frustrating. If you are not a professional painter then cleaning could become a deal breaker as far as your interest is concerned. Choose a spray painter that is easy to use, easy to clean, with smoother surfaces and easy to access shapes/sizes. A paint spray unit that has too many fixed intersections/joints will collect paint that will be hard to clean.

Pressure control is mandatory in the spray painter you choose. This will give you control and flexibility in choosing the right pressure settings for different paint jobs. This will give you the best finish, in addition to prolonging the life of parts that bear the brunt of the pressure.

You could also look for attachments that permit you to use a pressure roller in place of tips. This is necessary in painting surfaces that cannot be tackled with a sprayer. Pressure rollers help you paint faster and with increased consistency that regular rollers. High speed leaves little or no residue and this makes a great finish. Look for paint sprayers that come with extensions. These are totally utilitarian in nature and will give you complete flexibility and control in painting hard to access objects.

Top ten paint sprayers for furniture

Here is an unbiased feature review of the top ten paint sprayers. This comparison will give help you identify one that suits your needs best.

#1 Graco Ultra Corded Airless

·        Triple Piston Pump

·        2000 psi

·        RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

·        Airless painter

·        515 reversible tip

·        32 oz cup

·        Dispenses with thinning

This is arguably one of the best handy models that is available in the market. It gives you impressive power and pressure of 2000 psi from a compact and ultra-convenient model. If you find thinning to be cumbersome, then this is the model you want. Simple load the cup and start painting. The flexible tip means that you can complete painting in any hard to reach area.

Suitable for most types of painting materials with the exception of flammable materials – since this is a powered model, flammable materials can pose a risk.

Standout features

The flexible tip is a great option as it allows you to paint in any direction. The triple piston pump churns out a good 2000 psi which makes it suitable for all your home requirements. If you are looking for an airless finish, in a compact model, then this has got to be the one.

Reported Issues

The spray pattern is wide, which means that you cannot use it for relatively smaller objects that need to be painted. For instance, if you need to paint the arm of your chair, you will need to ensure that the surrounding area is covered. Paint consumption is higher than other sprayers, especially as it dispenses with thinning requirements.

#2 HomeRight C 800766

·        HVLP sprayer comes with 400 watts power

·        Flow control regulator

·        2mm brass tip

·        Viscosity cup

·        3 spray patterns

·        2.76 lbs

·        Suitable for paint, varnish and stain

This sprayer comes with impressive power and gives you a good modern finish similar to that of a professional painter. The handy and lightweight model is a great tool for that fine touchup and refinishing of your furniture. With the right paint, and correct technique you can renew your furniture and give it a second lease of life. You will not have to contend with overspray as the finish is just perfect.

Standout features

The viscosity cup, the lightweight model, spray tip and its category as a HVLP spray painter makes it a great buy. This can be a good multipurpose, compact painter that can dispense with the need for expensive painting contracts. Easy to use and simple maintenance makes this less frustrating and convenient to use.

Reported issues

It is more suitable for finishing and small projects. Not the best choice if you are looking for a sprayer to paint huge surfaces or objects. The spray pattern, size and volume of paint dispensed may demand multiple refills to finish large furniture pieces.

#3 Graco Ultra Cordless Airless

·        Triple Piston Pump

·        DeWALT XR Lithium Ion

·        RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

·        Airless painter

·        1 gallon per charge

·        Water & mineral based materials

·        Adjustable motor speed with ProControl II

This is one of the most compact and portable powerful models in the market. The handheld model gives you the perfect finish and is ultra-convenient, You need just a few seconds to start painting, and the highlight is the ability to dispense with thinning. Results are amazing – as close as possible to a professional finish. Furniture can be quickly touched up or repainted in a short time with the desirable finish. This needs to find a place in every homeowner’s collection of handy tools and equipment. With lesser parts for cleaning, maintenance is a breeze.

Standout features

The ability to paint 1 gallon on a single charge means that this is perfect for average needs. The high pressure ProConnect II adjustable motor speed gives you complete flexibility over the finish and the spraying area. Simple to operate handlheld model eliminates all complexities in painting. Just charge it, fill the paint and start spraying your furniture.

Reported Issues

The time to taken charge it and the one gallon capacity for a single charge makes this unsuitable for large painting requirements. For instance, if you need to paint one full furniture set, this will not be the best choice. You will need time for the recharging, and this means there could a subtle change in shades between the first painted area and the area painted last.

#4 Wagner 0529033 HVLP

·        Suitable for all types of paints used on furniture

·        Stationery base, 6 feet air hose, dispenses with need to carry it around

·        Compact spray gun

·        450 watts – powerful sprayer, gives the ultimate finish

·        Patterns make it suitable for painting all objects/sizes

·        Simplified cleaning and maintenance

Wagner spray painters are powerful models that will make your painting requirements appear less challenging. If you are looking for a model that can be handled easily without complex professional skills, then this is the one you need. The 450 watts will easily handle thicker paints and medium to almost large sized painting requirements like a pro. The patterns give you complete flexibility over the areas that you intend to paint, and is the perfect companion tool for home furniture.

Standout features

It is a handy model and gives you the freedom to focus on your painting requirement. You need not have to lug it around – simply use the 6 feet air hose to reach all locations. The model is handy to use and gives the perfect fine finish to your furniture. You can use thick paints which is easily handled by the powerful 450 watts.

Reported Issues

Suitable for painting requirements in shorter durations. Not ideal for continuous longer use. The consistency with which the paint is atomized changes when it is used for a long time. It is therefore best to use this for small jobs that require a top quality fine finish.

#5 Wagner Spraytech 0518050

·        8 gallons per hours

·        HVLP sprayer with 1 quart and 1.5 quart material cups

·        3 spray patterns

·        Flow regulator

·        Suitable for most materials

With this model you will need less than five minutes to paint large surface areas. This makes it a powerful model that is suitable model for all your furniture painting requirements.

Standout features

This is a heavy duty model that can be used for medium to big painting jobs Ideal for home furniture that needs a powerful spraying pattern.

Reported Issues

Cannot be used with paint that is if high viscosity. For instance if you want to use latex paint, do not choose this model.

#6 Von Haus Electric HVLP

·        Large 35 fl Oz container

·        3 spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, round

·        3.54 lbs

·        700 ml/min flow rate

Yet another compact and powerful model that will help you achieve a fine finish in your home furniture. The adjustable flow rate helps you to handle as much as 700 ml/min which explains the impressive power in this unit. The three spray patterns make this fully flexible for all your requirements.

Standout features

Compact, lightweight model with full flexibility. Large paint bottle dispenses with need for multiple refills – suitable medium sized jobs.

Reported Issues

Suitable for paint that is thinned. Not the best choice when you need to use thick paints/high viscosity.

#7 PaintWIZ PW 25150

·        400W sprayer

·        1.3 Ltr large cup

·        3 spray patterns

·        4.24 lbs

With 400W behind it, this will make your tasks a lot easy. It gives complete control over the output, courtesy the three different spray patterns and the adjustable air cap. This is a versatile model and will work fine even with outdoor furniture requirements.

Standout features

Four filters makes this a handy addition to your home tool kit. Can also be used for spraying disinfectant. Spray patterns give you flexibility in painting large as well as smaller surfaces.

Reported Issues

Suitable for use with paint that is thinned and not the ideal sprayer for thick paint/high viscosity paint. This will work only if you have water based painting requirements.

#8 Rexbeti Ultimate 750

·        500W high power HVLP

·        3 nozzles

·        3 spray patterns

·        Adjustable flow control

Another High Volume Low Pressure model, this is a compact model that gives you full control. With 6.6 feet hose, you can reach most hard to access areas. Three different nozzles and 32 spray patterns will give you a good combination of choices that will make your output as close as possible to desired finish. With 500W behind the sprayer that achieves a flow of 750 ml/min you can spray large areas and also achieve a smooth, superfine finish. Cleaning and maintenance are ultra-convenient, making this a good choice.

Standout features

Compact, powerful model that comes with a combination of nozzle choices and spray patterns. Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor furniture painting requirements. Easy to use and to get the job done as fast as possible.

Reported Issues

You may have to use more paint when using this sprayer. It is best suited for thinned paints and is not the ideal one for thick paints and high viscosity paints. You need to be fast when using this as the tips may dry out faster.

#9 FUJI Semi-Pro 2 HVLP

·        Professional sprayer model

·        1.3 mm air cap

·        25 feet hose

·        Metal turbine case

This belongs to the category of professional high volume low pressure sprayers and is ideal for large painting requirements. The high power and fully adjustable air cap gives you professional capabilities to get the desired finish. The M model spray gun and the stainless steel passages are highly durable and allow you to achieve different patterns – circular, oval etc.

Standout features

Professional model that belongs to eh category of heavy duty sprayer. Comes with advantages such as dedicated fan pattern and simple maintenance. The high quality components give the ultimate finish and ensure that the amount of paint used is economical.

Reported Issues

The 8 oz cup can be a bit of a problem if you want to paint large surfaces, though the model is intended to help you achieve economy. It is also important to ensure that the paint is of the right viscosity for the best results. As a professional model, this is one requirement that you need to take care.

#10 Critter Spray Products 22032

·        Spray gun kit

·        Mounted on compressor

·        Compatible with standard mason jar

·        Light weight spray gun 1.7 pounds

·        Suitable for use with all paints

This is spray gun kit that can be used on compressors. Is compatible with compressors that create 3 cfm 90 psi. Fits in perfectly with all standard size mason jars and can be used for painting all materials – paints, stains, and lacquers, A good compressor that belts out 3/4 horsepower will give you the perfect professional finish when painting all surfaces including furniture. Heavy duty model that is suitable for use in large painting requirements with a professional finish.

Standout features

This is heavy duty model and is suitable for use if you have basic painting knowledge or exposure. If the painting requirement is heavy, this is a good choice and will help you finish the job faster with the desired finish. This is a good unit to hook up to compressors that are already available on site in commercial/industrial establishments.

Reported Issues

Only suitable for large painting requirements, and will be unsuitable when the right compressor is not matched to the gun kit. The spray pattern is circular only and therefore requires some basic knowledge of painting.

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