Tips To Removing Deck Paint With Sander

Giving their guests a good first impression is what every home owner wants to achieve. It is the deck of the house that guests first see when they visit a house, hence it is only necessary to keep it looking new all the time.

To give your home a new vibe, one of the things you can do is change the paint of your deck. But of course, changing the color does not mean you will just cover up the old color with the new one. Removing the old color and applying the new paint color is the best way to do it.

One of the most used ways of stripping the deck color is sanding. Removing deck paint with sander can assure you of a perfect new paint application. To help you do the job easily, here is a complete guide you could follow:

Prepare your sander

Make sure that the right grit of sand is attached on the sanding machine. Sand papers come in different grits, and each of the grit provides different level of performance. The more coarse the grit of the sandpaper, the better it can remove thicker paint, while finer grits can smooth out the floor.

Tip: Make sure you are using the right grit of sandpaper or else, you won’t be able to finish your job on time and properly.

Prepare the deck

Just like to anything you do; preparation is the key to make the work easy and smooth. Check on any nails on the board, using a hammer, fix all nails that are not sticking properly. Sticking out nails can cause sanding belt to rip so you have to make sure that there is none or else, you have to go back on top.

Sand the deck

Now that your sander and deck is ready, you can now start with the sanding. Make sure that you pass on all surfaces and leave no mark of the paint. If there are stains, you may want to stay on that area a bit longer so both stains and paint are removed.

The belt sander can make the job easy, so having it with you as you do this project is a good idea.

Sand the edges

Once you are done with the deck surfaces, it is time to focus on the edges. Edges could be harder to work on because of its limited space, yet you must not stop until you reach all the edges and strip all the paint on it.

Clean up

Once sanding is done, it is time to clean the entire area. There are a lot of dust to see after the sanding, and making sure that it is all cleaned up is a must. Sweep all the dust away, if you failed to clean the entire area neatly, you won’t be able to achieve a smooth paint finish.

Apply the paint

After cleaning, it is now time to paint the entire deck with the color or stain of your choice. Do not step on it until it is all dry up.

There are many available paints in the market to choose from, click here to check for wide options of deck paints.

Why Hiring A Professional Is Also A Good Idea

Some think that the job is just so easy, hence doing it on their own is better and cheaper than hiring a professional. Sure, it can be cheaper as you do not need to pay professional fee, but the result could be far better if you let the experts do what they do best.

Sanding can be physically and time demanding, it will consume not just a day but two or even more depending on the size of your deck. The professionals have all the right tools to use and they are equipped with the knowledge required to make the deck sanding fast, easy and successful.


DIY and hiring a professional, each has its own pros and cons. If you have time to spend and available tools to use, you can go ahead and do the floor sanding by yourself, but if you want a perfect floor sanding finish, without any effort on your end, hiring a professional is the best choice.

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