How To Strip Deck Paint: A Perfect Guide

A deck that has a diminishing paint can make it look old and ugly. If you let a peeling paint lay on your deck for a long time, you are making your home look lousy and neglected. There is no better way to make a fading and peeling paint look new again than stripping the old paint and replacing it with a new one.

There are many ways to strip your deck, but the fastest way to do is by using a paint stripper.

Stripping The Deck Paint

 You might be asking by now how to strip deck paint. Here is a complete guide to follow:


Preparation is crucial to this project, as if you were not able to prepare everything before you commence with the stripping, you will have major issues during and more so after the activity. Some of the things you need to do before stripping the deck are:

  • Removing all the appliances, furniture or other clutter in the area

Keep all things on the deck removed. Zero out the area and make sure that you see nothing but the deck. You do not want your furniture and appliances nature patina ruined by the paint stripper you will use.

  • Everything around the deck should be covered with plastic, especially plants, windows, doors, etc

Make sure that you cover everything that surrounds the deck with either plastic or tape. This is to secure them from possible spillage and splatting of the paint stripper.

  • Clean the entire area

Before you start, clean the entire area using a broom and mop. Keep the entire area clean and away from dirt and dust.

  • Wear rubber gloves, painter’s mask and safety glasses

All these can protect you from the strong chemicals so better be ready when using it.

  • Stiff bristle brush or paint scraper

Make sure that you have a paint scraper or a stiff bristle brush ready.

Applying the paint stripper

 Now, that the entire area is ready, it is time to apply the paint stripper. Just before you start, here are some of the things to consider when choosing a paint stripper:

  • Avoid stripper with methylene chloride content. This chemical is very strong and only professionals are advised to use it. Yes, it can easily peel of paint on your deck but unfortunately, this is too strong for DIYers to handle. Although, if you are planning to hire a professional to do this job, this chemical can make the job easier and faster
  • Choose a paint stripper that is easy to use and apply
  • Consider a good brand to ensure it will work to its purpose

Moving on, here are some tips to consider when applying paint stripper:

  • Start applying paint stripper on the opposite side of the exit point
  • Using a roller or nylon brush, apply the paint stripper
  • Do not apply stripper immediately to a large space. Make sure that you apply it on a space you can work on for 15 minutes
  • Let the stripper sit on the deck area for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the instruction or until paint bubbles or lifts
  • Keep the area wet by applying paint stripper
  • Using the paint scraper or stiff bristle brush, peel or loose the paint until it is completely removed

The guidelines above should be done to all areas of the deck. Once the paint of the deck is stripped off, you can go to the next step.


Once done, you can now rinse the entire deck using a hose or pressure washer. Remove all the residue and keep the entire area clean and away from dust. You can also bleach the surface if you want to neutralize the wood.


 When the floor is already wet, sanding using a fine grit is next. Smooth out the entire deck before applying the paint.

After sanding, clean the entire area again until no dirt and dust is present.


Now it is time to paint your deck. There are different color and stains of paint to choose from, same as with the brand. To help you find the right one to use, read this review.

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